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Reached 113 subscribers in YouTube

12/19/13 by Anime-NoireChan
Updated 12/19/13

Glad i'm subscribed anyone.

btw, my second video is here now at my Channel.


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Happy New Year :D!

1/10/14 Anime-NoireChan responds:

Late but Happy New Year.

it's seen you lose by me on medal point,level and the save and blam point
my old account and you already to fanned me

1/1/14 Anime-NoireChan responds:

Oh yeah. But if you beat me, it's on me.

Woahhhhhh! I'll subscribe for yu man CX

1/1/14 Anime-NoireChan responds:


Hey that's impressive, and with only 2 videos...

My channel has just 101 subs less :D

12/21/13 Anime-NoireChan responds:

Here's my secret: i just subscribed everyone.

oh dude how much money do you have :P

12/21/13 Anime-NoireChan responds:

I'm a rich person, so lots.