Entry #1

Back from the dead!

2015-06-23 04:38:29 by Anime-NoireChan

I know you missed me a lot since a long time inactive, but here, I'M HERE!

What's up people?


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2015-06-23 07:59:51

Welcome back! :)

Anime-NoireChan responds:

Hey, my friend! Long time no see.


2015-06-23 12:32:47

Hehe welcome back to NG! I'm good, just trying my best to release stuff on here as much as I can, and yourself?

Anime-NoireChan responds:

I'm well good, thanks!


2015-06-23 20:40:21

Long time no see!
Are you and your sis doing well?

Anime-NoireChan responds: