Entry #2

Ughh, Bored..

2015-06-23 23:29:02 by Anime-NoireChan

No upcoming games released next month.. But I can wait for my favorite upcoming games to come..

Yet, I still playing GTA V for so long, and also The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.


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2015-06-24 01:28:34

Hehe we all play GTA V a lil too long sometimes

(Updated ) Anime-NoireChan responds:

Oh that's cool!


2015-06-25 06:11:49

Yeah, GTA V is stupid fun. Just got off of it, come to think of it...

Anime-NoireChan responds:

Yeah, I agree with ya.


2015-07-11 19:52:37

Well...... I'm under development and I knew someone who's works in Ubisoft but I hope you guys get to see my video game. I swear Konami better lay their fingers off of this project. I was hoping Capcom or Atlus SNK Division. Yeah, I really get stressed of how much effort I need to make my sacred video game! It's still Under development but only if my friend is interested in making this game with me. Otherwise, It's going to be difficult to Process really! ;C


2015-11-28 03:53:59

Actually the only game I'm "waiting for" is DOOM4, but I don't know if I will really enjoy it as I used to...

But if you're searching for something brand new we're developing our first videogame right now


2016-06-23 07:49:26

Happy one year anniversary on this news post.


2017-06-22 20:54:44

Mafia III is better